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November 22 2015

November 21 2015

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Darth Vader is a busy Sith Lord, but his life isn’t all throttling underlings with the Force and fighting to destroy the Rebel Alliance at any cost. Even Star Wars characters have chores and hobbies and occasionally catch the sniffles. Earlier this year Spanish photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera showed us the daily lives of Imperial Stormtroopers. Now Polish photographer Pawel Kadysz has brought us an awesome ongoing project entitled Daily Life of Darth Vader.

Ostensibly created by the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet himself, who just recently got into photography, once a day Vader shares a photo documenting his everyday life, which isn’t that different from our own. He goes grocery shopping and takes care of his laundry and meals. He cheats a bit when it comes to ironing, but who can blame him? Somehow Vader manages to brush his teeth, drink coffee and eat through his iconic mask, but the mask comes off at bath time, so presumably that’s when he cleans the mask too:


In his downtime he’s something of an outdoorsman:


And one of his favorite hobbies is playing with his remote-controlled TIE Fighter, which is particularly funny when you realize he could simply use the Force to control it instead:


The Daily Life of Darth Vader began in October and Kadysz Vader shares a new photo ever day. You can follow along with is daily happenings via his own personal TookAPic page.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

November 17 2015

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#kraftwerk 🖖🏽🤖🤖🤖🤖 (hier: Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre)

November 15 2015

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✨🌪#theprodigy 🌪✨ (hier: Hallenstadion)

November 13 2015

November 12 2015

November 09 2015

filed under: chillstep, jazz & eclectic ambient stuff
-> http://www.blogrebellen.de/2015/11/01/paco-risikogruppe-gloomy-sunday-joint/
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November 08 2015

November 07 2015

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November 05 2015

November 01 2015

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hier: Neuapostolische Kirche

risikogruppe - gloomy sunday joint - blogrebellen berlin

risikogruppe – gloomy sunday joint – blogrebellen berlin

die blogrebellen aus berlin verfolgen eine schöne tradition, jeweils am sonntag uns alle mit passender sonntagsmusik zu beschenken. an diesem sonntag hab ich mit meinem beitrag die ehre, für deren sunday-joint-reihe die musik beizusteuern. wer noch etwas (kon-)text dazu möchte und sich für meine gedanken dazu interessiert, darf dies direkt bei den blogrebellen nachlesen: www.blogrebellen.de ich…

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October 28 2015

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